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[MMD] The Lost Files: Unnamed Android by KamaNoTenshi
[MMD] The Lost Files: Unnamed Android
THIS is the babe i alluded to in my other model dump~


so um lol so if teal-haired girl was my UTAU's beta design, this babe was my UTAU alpha design
i really like this type of sci-fi cyber stuff so i was sure that I wanted a very cyber-like UTAU, and i love how this model looks but it didnt seem to fit a UTAU sort of thing, y'know? also, again, didn't feel like the look fit the sound of the UTAU
so she's kinda transformed into an OC for a story about a college kid trying to build an android Chobits-like thing but with a focus on singing and dance
i wanted headphones/Chobits-styled ears but I couldnt find anything I liked; the hair was originally a placeholder but its kinda grown on me now lol
The thing on her chest is supposed to be a touch display and the green bits on her hips are supposed to represent battery levels
and there's a panel box thing protruding from her back for ports like charging, data streaming, etc.


    Base: Ki
    Head: ???(i cant read this readme lol)
    Hair: amiamy111/3DCG
    SPAs: sadimage
so umm i was thinking about my utau again
if i were to hold a contest to design an outfit for her, would a model edit of a character of their choosing be a fair prize? Or should I do like 500 points? Or maybe a combo of those two??? I'm not sure I want to commission one singular person for an outfit design in case I don't like what comes out, y'know?
[MMD] The Lost Files: All These Damn Models lol by KamaNoTenshi
[MMD] The Lost Files: All These Damn Models lol
it's been a while i know! im sorry!!
i haven't had much drive to finish stuff lately, or even start it for that matter ;;
but anyway, I noticed the other day that "!!! i have a lot of shit i never finished/never showed off for some reason lol"
so here im gonna show off the babes i have essentially abandoned/don't intend to work on for the time being/just never showed to anyone/whatever tf
(These are ordered by the date the file was last modified)

1. Gross/Ugly Selfie: 12/17/2013
        I probably didnt show this one because she's ugly af lol
        This is also clearly from a time before i knew what anatomy was (wtf girl what are your thighs doing ewww)

2-5. A Homestuck Model Series: 5/2/2014 - 5/14/2014
        i think i remember not liking how mature people make the betas because they're babies so i wanted more kid-looking models
        except nepeta's coat has terrible normal problems and kanaya's skirt does not work at all uuugh skirts kill me

6. Lia the Kitsune: 11/26/2014
        was intended to be an older sister for Neva, with a focus on Earth and nature 
        i had a little story in my head for these two involving a litter of element kitsunes but everyone but them were killed and enslaved blah blah i never write these stories tho so i dont know why i go through the trouble of making the OCs lol

7. Palette Girls, Nekogirl: 2/4/2015
        i didnt have enough people voting for palettes so i abandoned that series, leaving this girlie done but not properly colored

8. Unnamed Elf Archer Girl: 2/21/2015
        this model is glitch-free and totally done i just never showed her
        When I made Philia the Eetar, i formed a story around her about an advanced elf society that lived in walled cities while the Eetar/other creatures lived in the wilderness, and how the elf government didn't let on to the citizens that the Eetar were actually not savage/seeking peace because you have to look into their eyes to communicate telepathically because they can't speak english and this elf was gonna be taught by a grandmother living in the woods that the eetar are actually good and this elf was actually pursuing law and was going to befriend Philia and use her career to plead the Eetar's case and
        well that didnt happen either did it lol

9. Selfie 2.0: 5/16/2015
        A much better with accurate colors and clothes i actually own (the shirt and shoes)

10. Selfie for a Specific PV: 6/5/2015
        I thought I wanted to cover Bouquet so I made a model for it and did a camera but
        the cover never happened because i always talk myself out of stuff like that hahaha -shot-

11. BETA Utau: 8/11/2015
        I had made my very first UTAU, so I tried to make a model to represent the voice (I sang an alto tone so the utau sounds mature/tomboyish)
        but i couldn't think of clothes and i wasn't sure i liked the design so she kinda just got abandoned

12. Kikuo Miku: 8/28/2015
        Kikuo is like one of my fav producers (and I'm listening to some rn) so i thought i wanted to make a miku in the style of the miku on the 'Kikuo Miku 3' album
        but i couldn't find shoes i liked so again i kinda just abandoned it -shrug-

13. Mei Kotone: 12/26/2015
        i wanted to make another UTAU in a more soprano-sounding range because my first one doesn't sound too cute with some songs
        i decided to make the design first, then model the voice around the appearance
        eeeexcept i didn't know what clothes i wanted for her and again she got swept into the eternal purgatory that is my "Active WIP" folder lol
        i do want to finish her but id have to like commission someone to make her an outfit or something
If enough people request me to finish/fix up a certain model and release it, i wouldn't be opposed to doing it ;)

EDIT: oops i forgot a model lol i'll give her a separate post some other day :P
so um 
i was digging through some of my WIP folders and i found a lot of pretty complete models that were never posted for one reason or another
anyone interested in a collage of my abandoned babies??


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